What’s in a name?

Gal & Fellow Brand Name Design Company Custom Stamp

Having recently launched Gal & Fellow, I’ve obviously been asked a few times “Why the name?”. I try my best to explain that I wanted a name that had a bit of personality, could work for a design business, but also gave a nod to the fact that I design wedding stationery, but that doesn’t overtly spell it out… Most people seem to get it (even though I know there’s a bit of confusion here in the UK around the word Gal, which is more commonly used in the US), they nod, smile and hopefully remember it! What I don’t tell them though, is that it took me more than a year (no jokes!) of scratching my head, scribbling endless words in notebooks and annoying my journalist husband, until I finally had something I was happy with.

He on the other hand wasn’t (and still isn’t) quite sold on it, and think it’s too arbitrary. And even though my mind’s made up, I also still have a tiny bit of doubt (who doesn’t when you start a new business?). That’s until I read this very interesting article that talks about how a suggestive name can better convey a brand’s personality, express something interesting about the brand and better communicate with the intended audience, rather than spelling out exactly what the company does. The hope is by doing that you’ll build a stronger bond with customers and in the process convey something of the brand’s personality.

Well, Gal & Fellow it is. Keeping my fingers crossed and holding my thumbs (as South Africans do).